Fun and Educational Resources that Hit Most Subject Areas

Free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students grades K-5
Aracademic Skillsbuidlers
Free online educational multiplayer math, geography and language arts games
Billy Bear's Playground
Tons of games for just about everything
A website from PBS kids based on the television show Cyberchase; lots of fun games and activities that will get kids thinking
Computer Lab Favorites
50 One-stop learning activies- 15-30 minutes each
Fun 4 the Brain
Fun games for Math, Science and English
Fun and educational games and activities for kids
Infinite Learning Lab
Fun games for just about any subject guided by "Professor" Garfield
Links to lots of free websites for just about any subject. All of the websites listed are created by the Kids Know It Network.
PBSKids Games
Educational games, videos and activites for kids
Lots of fun stuff for all ages and all subject areas; warn students of the ads
A free online learning platform for students in grades K-8 developed by Qwizdom, with thousands of ready‐to‐use practice materials—including educational activities, games, and homework—that are accessible from any internet-connected computer
Many different types of games from all subject areas; games are created by teachers
Scholastic Games
Games for kids from the book publisher Scholastic
Sheppard Software
Free online learning games and activities for kids
Free interactive lessons in reading and math; also includes flashcards and offline activities
Text 2 Mind Map
A free web application that creates a mind map out of a list of words; a mind map is a diagram used to represent word, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea
The Kids Page
Lots of great games for kids, but warn them of the ads that loom on the top, sides, and bottom of each page
A website from TV Ontario, similar to PBS, that has lots of fun activities and games...Elm Street students' favorite site :)
Yahoo! Kids
Lots of games and other fun stuff for kids; formerly known as Yahooligans